Canpac Real Time Network

New private messaging app that lets you see how your companies are performing. Canpac RTN - has public and private companies that provide information on their financial outlook, new projects, press release and more.

The companies Community Page - gives up to date information on how the company is doing. This gives shareholders the power to make decisions on their investments from looking at a single app.

Canpac RTN’s End-to-end encryption will keep your conversations private and give you full control of your data. You can create your own private groups or single messages to have secure conversations on your investment into companies that are hosted on the Community Page.

Companies that subscribe to Canpac RTN - can use their PR groups to facilitate media requests, information queries and shareholder concerns through this single app.

Manage your companies brand and company information.

Canpac RTN is essential to any company’s success, especially when shares in the company are publicly traded and the value of a share depends on the public’s confidence in a company or brand.

Simple to use - download and install the Canpac RTN app from Apple Store or Google Play. Join any of the companies community page to get information at your fingertips.

Canpac RTN is NOT an investment app - all information provided by the companies are public knowledge.


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